Founder’s Favorites: December

Welcome to another edition of ‘Founder’s Favorites’ where we share with you some of Ingrid’s top fashion jewelry picks from the boutique. Now that December is upon us, we are getting all geared up for the Holiday season! All of this month’s picks are perfect gifts for the jewelry lover in your life. They also … Continue reading Founder’s Favorites: December


Discover the Magic of Interchangeable Jewelry

Are you tired of looking just like everybody else? What if you could design your own unique jewelry designs every single day? While this may sound like the stuff of daydreams, it is a reality with the help of interchangeable jewelry! Blue Dress Boutique offers a fashion-forward line of stunning costume jewelry and fashion accessories … Continue reading Discover the Magic of Interchangeable Jewelry

A Brief History of Choker Necklaces

When it comes to jewelry, particular fashion necklaces are more than just a passing trend. These are the styles that remain popular season after season. One of the most popular styles of fashion necklaces around has always been the choker. Let’s take a closer look at this close-fitting style of necklace! Native American Beginnings For most people, chokers probably … Continue reading A Brief History of Choker Necklaces

Celebrating Milestones with Fashion Jewelry

As we move through life, we reach many milestones and accomplish many achievements. Some may be from the passage of time such as special birthdays and anniversaries. Others take more work – graduating college, getting a new job, winning a special award and so on. Throughout history, people have marked these milestones and achievements by … Continue reading Celebrating Milestones with Fashion Jewelry