Helpful Tips for Traveling with Jewelry

Blue Dress BoutiqueAs Summer approaches, thoughts turn to Summer vacations. That might mean an exotic holiday overseas, a weekend at the beach or a road trip. Whatever type of vacation is on the cards, one big issue that everyone stresses over is what to pack! It is hard enough trying to choose which clothes to pack, but when it comes to making sure you also have the appropriate fashion jewelry and other accessories, it is easy to get a little overwhelmed by it all.

Here is a helpful guide to planning and packing your vacation accessories.

What to Pack & What Should Stay Home 
Vacations are a time to break away from the usual routine. It’s all about relaxing and not having to worry about the day to day stresses of life. That is why a good rule of thumb is to leave anything particularly expensive or of sentiment value at home! The last thing you want to do is be worried about your grandmother’s pearls or your diamond necklace. Pack only affordable costume or fashion jewelry that won’t be a huge blow if it gets lost.

It is also a good idea to pack light, so don’t take the entire jewelry box! Choose pieces that will work with multiple outfits. Some great examples would be some stud or hoop earrings, a basic pendant, and a simple bracelet or bangle. It is also nice to add a few fun statement pieces for evenings. One of the best options for travel is interchangeable fashion jewelry, allowing you to pack just a couple of companion pieces and a selection of Snap Button Jewels™ to change the look each day. Using interchangeable jewelry is an excellent way to save on luggage space without having to compromise on having a variety of looks available.

Wedding Ring Alternatives 
One of the most expensive pieces of jewelry that most women own is their wedding band and engagement ring. Depending on the vacation destination in question, leaving them behind can be the best idea. If there is a chance the rings could be lost or damaged on vacation, swap them for a costume piece to represent the original and give yourself peace of mind. If you would rather wear the real one, then it is best to look into getting jewelry insurance.

How to Pack Your Jewelry

Choosing which pieces of fashion jewelry to take on vacation is only half of the battle! It is also important to think about how to pack it to avoid damage.

Here are a few helpful tips for packing jewelry to take on vacation:

  • Travel Jewelry Case – Frequent travelers, may like to invest in a travel case design specifically for transporting jewelry safely. These are relatively inexpensive and have various compartments to keep everything organized and tangle free.
  • Use Drinking Straws – Ordinary drinking straws do a fantastic job of stopping your jewelry from getting tangled! Slip one chain through each straw and close the clasp. Gather all of the straws together and slide them into a toothbrush holder to keep them safe and secure. The inner cardboard tube of a toilet paper roll can work in the same way for chunkier necklaces.
  • Index Cards – A great way to organize earrings during a trip is to use a pin to poke holes in an index card. Slip the earrings through the holes and wrap a scarf around the card before packing it.
  • Buttons – Earrings can also be kept safe using spare buttons. Slip a pair of earrings through the holes of a button then add a piece of tape on the back to secure them. The button can then be placed into a ziplock bag to keep them together in your luggage.

Blue Dress® Boutique is a fashion forward jewelry and accessories line showcasing interchangeable Snap Button Jewels™ that can be worn with our beautiful companion jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.

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