Easy Tips for Color-Blocking with Jewelry

Blue Dress BoutiqueAnyone who has an interest in the latest fashion trends will already be familiar with the term color-blocking. It is usually mentioned in regard to clothing, but as we are about to discuss, it is also something that applies to fashion jewelry and other accessories.

What is Color-blocking?

Color-blocking is an approach used in fashion to mix colors either within a single piece of clothing or by pairing two items of clothing in contrasting colors. It originated in the 1950s and 60s as part of the modern-art and pop-art era, but it reemerged in the 1980s and has been present in fashion ever since! One easy example of color-blocking in fashion would be wearing a solid blue shirt with red pants. Concerning fashion jewelry, color-blocking might take the form of using two different colors of stones in the same bracelet or pairing a few different colored bangles together on the same arm.

4 Color-blocking Tips for Beginners

These helpful tips will help you to achieve a stylish color-blocked look with your fashion jewelry even if you are a beginner!

  1. Get to Know the Color Wheel
    The first step with any color-blocking is to familiarize yourself with the color wheel, which is a tool used by all designers – fashion, graphic, interior and of course, jewelry. The most common way to approach color-blocking is by choosing complementary colors. These are colors which lie opposite one another on the color wheel. Selecting these is a bold choice and produces a high visual impact. If you want a more subtle effect in your fashion jewelry, then a different approach is required. Choosing 2 or 3 similar colors – or those adjacent to each other on the color wheel – produces color-blocking that uses shades and tones within the same loose color scheme.
  2. Make Bold Choices
    Using complementary colors is the most eye-catching way to color-block your fashion jewelry and will create a look that snaps. An excellent way to try color-blocking is with snap button jewelry and floating charms since these allow you to bring different colors together in a variety of combinations. Don’t be afraid to make bold choices – fashion is supposed to be fun!
  3. Try Black & White Blocking
    Color-blocking is not limited to colors. It is also a great idea to use black and white with a touch of metal. All black clothing with white metal fashion jewelry is a striking look with a mod vibe. Alternatively, you could combine black and white pearls or rhinestones for a similarly striking look.
  4. Experiment With Subtle Color-blocking
    With similar colors, gemstones can be grouped together by shade or tone to create an attractive color-blocking effect that is much more subtle. The easiest way to do this is to choose different shades of the same color or different gemstones in similar colors. For example, aquamarine, sapphire, and topaz are all varying shades of blue. Don’t forget to include your metal color in your choice. Gold will work better with yellows and whites while rose gold works well with reds and browns.

Now that you know how to get started with color-blocking, look in your jewelry box for ideas. See what colors you have and think about how to use them to create stylish color-blocking.

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Easy Tips for Color-Blocking with Jewelry


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