Choosing the Right Fashion Bracelets for any Occasion

When it comes to choosing accessories to give your look that little something extra, one of the most fun options are fashion bracelets. However, there are so many different styles available that you may need some help to decide what to choose! Do you want a fun armful of jangling bangles, or is a single delicate chain bracelet more suited to your ensemble? Let’s look at some of the different ways you could wear fashion bracelets.

Choosing Bracelets for Everyday Wear

The jewelry pieces the majority of us get the most wear from are the pieces we wear day in and day out. If you are selecting fashion bracelets to go with your work wardrobe, then you need to make sure they help you look professional and pulled together. However, the actual bracelet choices you make are going to depend on what sort of environment you work in. If you are part of a more conservative office environment, then you are going to want to keep your fashion bracelets simple. Consider choosing a single bangle or slim chain. If you feel it would be acceptable in your office, then you could choose a bracelet with a solitary gemstone or even an elegant tennis bracelet.

Not all offices and workplaces are formal. If you work in a more casual environment, then you could choose some bolder fashion bracelets. A simple metal cuff or some stacked bracelets can add a stylish twist to your workplace attire, while still being professional. One thing to keep in mind when you are choosing bracelets for work is that they must not interfere with your daily tasks. If you work on a keyboard, use machinery or even medical equipment, then you need something that will not interfere. Avoid anything too loose or dangling, such as a torque bangle or charm bracelet.

Add Some Weekend Wow Factor

The weekend is the perfect time to demonstrate some of the more fun fashion bracelets from your collection. Whether you are shopping with the girls or enjoying a family day out, you can add much more color and flair than you usually would on a work day! An excellent choice for weekend afternoons is an armload of stacked bracelets. You can wear a mixture of your favorite bracelets, making sure you vary their shapes, sizes, and weights. However, it is wise to stick with one cohesive theme regarding the base metal or color, since too much variety can make it seem messy.

Dazzle Them on Date Night

If you have a date night planned, then this is your opportunity to go all out! Pull out your sparkliest fashion bracelet and get ready to shine. Evenings are the ideal time to mix things up. Why not try combining leather and metal for an edgy look – and don’t forget the gemstones!

Statement pieces are also perfect for nights out, especially if it is a special occasion. Glamourous cuff style fashion bracelets with a large gemstone can be very striking. Wrapped strings of pearls, antique style filigree or burnished metal are also high fashion looks to experiment with.

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Choosing the Right Fashion Bracelets for any Occasion


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