Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape

fashion jewelryOften when selecting our fashion jewelry, the things we consider first are the style, the colors or maybe even the materials. However, when choosing earrings, there is another important factor to consider. We need to think about what type of fashion earrings are the best look depending on the shape of our face.

These tips will help you identify the shape of your face and the type of fashion earrings that suit you.

What Shape of Face Do You Have?

Before deciding what type of fashion earrings will look good, it is a good idea to determine your face shap. There are six main face shapes:

  • Oval: An oval face is one where the forehead is as broad as the cheek bones. The face begins to narrow from the cheeks down to the chin.
  • Round: If your face is circular with the widest point at the cheekbones, then you have a round face shape.
  • Heart-Shaped: If you have a heart-shaped face, then your forehead is wider than your cheeks, and your cheeks taper down towards your chin.
  • Square: If your forehead, cheeks, and jaw are all more or less the same width, then you are considered to have a square face. Those with a square face also tend to have a strong jaw.
  • Narrow: A narrow face will be similar to a square one in that the jaw, cheeks, and forehead are the same width, but the face is longer, giving it more of a rectangular look.
  • Diamond-Shaped: If you find that your forehead and chin are much narrower than your cheekbones, then you have a diamond-shaped face.

Which Style of Fashion Earrings Should You Choose?

Once you have determined your face shape, start thinking about the best style of fashion earrings to suit your face. Women who have oval faces are lucky because just about every style of fashion earrings is going to look good. However, they will particularly suit oval or tear drop shaped earrings as these will mimic the shape of the face for a harmonious look.

On the other hand, ladies with round faces need to be careful to choose earrings in a style that won’t make them look puffy or bloated. The best option is to select long dangling styles or angular tear drops as these can help to elongate the face and minimize the roundness. Similar styles will work well for heart-shaped faces with the addition of chandelier earrings.

If you have a square face, then you will want to pick out earrings that will help soften your face. Wider styles are ill-advised, but longer, rounded designs including oversized hoops and dangling earrings can look fantastic. Narrow faces can also really rock the long dangling style of earrings.

Finally, women who have a diamond-shaped face should choose long, elegant earrings with plenty of curves to detract from their sharp cheekbones. Good styles to opt for are hoop earrings and long dangling earrings.

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Choosing the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape


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