Be Bold with a Big Statement Ring

blue dress boutiqueThe great thing about fashion jewelry is that most of the trends tend to circle back around so you can enjoy them all over again! One of the trends that have been making a comeback is the big, bold, statement ring. The funky fashion jewelry trend first became popular back in the 1920s when it was known as a ‘cocktail ring.’ It then resurfaced during the 1940s and 1950s, and now it is back on trend once again!

Statement rings are the sort of fashion jewelry that you need to flaunt. They are big, bold and eye-catching – so be sure to treat yourself to a manicure because your hands are bound to get noticed!

What is a Statement Ring?

The key defining factor of this particular piece of fashion jewelry is that it is oversized and has a very bold look with heaps of personality. No particular style or design sets a big ring apart as a statement ring – the only rules are that it is big and flashy! For a more glamorous statement ring, you will be looking for gemstones of any type. A common choice is one larger stone surrounded by smaller crystals to give both contrast and sparkle. Other more modern designs are large flower motifs made up of metals and rhinestones. There are also some much edgier fashion jewelry looks where the big statement rings take the form of animals, skulls or abstract designs.

How to Wear Statement Rings

Typically, people tend to wear a statement ring on the opposite hand to their wedding or engagement ring. It is also usually worn on the ring finger or middle finger. However, like most fashion jewelry, there are no hard and fast rules! You have probably seen celebrities wearing big, chunky rings on their index or pinky fingers and even across several fingers. The main thing is that you are comfortable, so do whatever feels right. One word of advice – give room to a big statement ring and wear it on its own without other rings, watches or bracelets.

When to Wear a Statement Ring?

Traditionally, women would wear big chunky rings in the evening, at parties and the like. That’s how they came to be known as cocktail rings. However, these days, they are certainly not just reserved for parties and nights out on the town! Lots of women are also rocking the statement ring during the day. They can even be toned down enough to be appropriate for work, depending on your company’s dress code. Just choose a smaller statement ring for the workplace. It will still be bigger than most rings, but it should not be too over the top – save those for making an impact on a big night out!

Statement rings are a must have addition to every woman’s fashion jewelry collection.

Blue Dress® Boutique is a fashion forward jewelry and accessories line showcasing interchangeable Snap Button Jewels™ that can be worn with our beautiful companion jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.

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