Practical Jewelry Ideas for Moms

interchangeable jewelrySometimes, when you are a mom to young children, it seems like your life revolves around sippy cups, play dates, and dirty diapers. It is easy to forget that you are your own person. Moms are notorious for putting everyone else’s needs ahead of their own and can lose sight of their own identity in the process. That is why it is important for moms to stay true to themselves and take some time out for some self-care. One easy way to give yourself a little boost is to wear some cute fashion jewelry – although when dealing with little ones, it does need to be practical.

Here are a few practical ideas for fashion jewelry moms can wear, even while the kids are still little.

Choose Small Stud Earrings

One of the challenges that moms face when it comes to choosing fashion jewelry is that small children have a habit of grabbing anything that dangles within their reach. Wearing long, dangling earrings is a recipe for disaster. At some point, your baby or toddler is likely to grab one of them, which could result in tearing of the ear lobe. Avoid the pain by choosing simple stuff earrings instead and save those chandelier earrings for child-free nights out!

If you feel like the studs are too dull and boring, then treat yourself to some diamond or rhinestone studs for a little sparkle. These are sure to help you feel a bit more glamourous and are a great reminder that just because you are a mom that doesn’t mean you have lost your shine!

Simple Cuffs Are Less Likely to Snag

It is not just grabby hands that are a problem for moms when it comes to choosing jewelry. If you spend any time wrangling with a baby stroller or fumbling with a car seat, then you will know that many bracelets and other accessories have a habit of getting snagged. To combat this problem, choose a solid bangle or a chunky cuff as these are far less likely to get snagged as you go about your daily mommy duties!

Choose More Hard-Wearing Materials

Mom’s fashion jewelry goes through a fair amount of punishment. Whether it is getting tugged by little hands or brushed up against stroller mechanisms and car seat buckles, it needs to be able to withstand rough handling. Delicate chains and dangling charms are probably not a very good idea. Instead, look for fashion jewelry made from more robust materials. For example, a leather cuff or strappy bracelet instead of a chain or tennis bracelet.

Moms Need Special Jewelry Too

Of course, just because you are a mom doesn’t mean that you have to stick with only practical jewelry! There will be a few nights where you get to go out and be a woman rather than just a mommy, so make sure you still have a few unique pieces of jewelry in your collection. If you want a reminder of your family for those nights when you leave the kids at home, then you ought to consider some engraved fashion jewelry or even something that incorporates the birthstones or initials of your children.

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